Learn HTML step by step


Learn HTML step by step

This course is designed in small steps so that even a 10 yrs child can learn from basic to Advance level.

This page is the Index table for HTML course. Just click on any Index / Table and know more about the particular topic / word.

1. What is HTML?

2 What is the use of HTML?

3. How to write a HTML code ?

4. Why Sublime Text editor?

5. Basic structure of HTML Code ?

<!DOCTYPE html>








6. What is Head and body tag ?

7. What is opening and closing tags in HTML

8. Which tag is written in head tag?

9. What is the meaning of title tag?

10 Where the title tag is displayed ?

11. What is body tag?

12 Which all type of tags are written in body tag ?

13. Type of Tags?

14. What is P tag and uses?

15. What is br Tag and uses

16 what is hr tag

17 what is <a href tag

18 What is strong tag

19. What is i tag

20 what is u tag

21 what is b tag

22. what is tag elements and attribute

23. style tag and how it is written.

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