Say NO to online flight ticket booking


Say NO to online flight ticket booking

When you book a flight ticket online and you think that you have not book your flight ticket a travel agent or agency then what you are thinking absolutely wrong. Online travel website are also travel agency like the one who is next to your home or office

The travel deal which you get online and you think the best deals or offers on flight tickets, then understand same or better offers are available with nearby travel agency / agents.

Points you should know before you book your flight ticket online from any website

  1. Travel website online website for travel agencies only these agencies are similar to the travel agencies who area available in your city near to your house or office
  2. Online websites offers you those airfares which they want to sell you while travel agency offers you airfares as per your requirement Which can be understood bi a simple example if you were looking for airfare from Delhi to Bangalore and online website have airfare of Rs. 5000 and this fare is non refundable and if you are not certain that your trip is final and you are looking for non refundable fare in such case you choose another Airlines fare which can be of 7000 but your travel agency might offer you this time flight at just Rs. 5300 by booking this flight in some fair rule which he can check on his system and you cannot do.
  3. Booking airfare online what exactly you do ? First pay for air ticket and wait for confirmation of ticket while your travel agency books the air ticket first and then they ask for the money. Now it is up to you to think which is much more secured
  4. While booking online have you ever got free seats or free meals or any other services but in case of travel agencies many of the time they can offer you this services for free or a nominal charges of 10 to 50 rupee
  5. While doing a booking online you are actually doing there work and for doing there work even you pay, you even pay convenience fee / Service fee of  Rs. 250 to Rs.300/-  but, you feel very bad to pay this small amount to your near by travel agencies who is actually working for you.
  6. In case of any some doubts or  assistant you make a call to customer care numbers and they keep you waiting and most of the time your questions are unanswered. While your travel agent every time provides a proper solution. When you do not get a proper answer from your website agent then you call or rush us to your nearby travel agent and ask for a solution and that too you are looking for free of cost. IS IT NOT FUNNY
  7. Online website offers big discount / cashback but dear on a airfare 0f Rs. 5000 when you apply a discount coupon of thousand rupee and finally you pay 5250 rupee what type of discount this is ? CHECK CHECK While travel agent provide same at lower price without giving any discount. Just a mind set.

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