IRCTC Cancelled the train tickets up to 30th April 2020


IRCTC Cancelled the train tickets up to 30th April 2020

In view of COVID-19 situation IRCTC have cancelled the train tickets up to 30th Apr 2020. IRCTC have cancelled the tickets of all Trains operated by IRCTC. Check the list of train operated by IRCTC. 
Full refund in have been processed by IRCTC. Passenger are not required to cancel the tickets.

It is important to Know that IRCTC runs its own private / corporate train. Cancellation of these train does not means that all trains are cancelled from 15th Apr. 2020 on wards.

In View of COVID-19 Indian Railways of cancelled the passenger trains up to 14th Apr 2020 and in support of Lock-down announced by PM Modi.

Operation of Trains from 15th Apr 2020 is still awaited from Indian Railway Board. 

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