GST Harassment & Fraud Complain Number 011-23370115


GST Harassment & Fraud Complain Number 011-23370115

Since 01 July 2017, GST have been roll out and every business firm is busy with the new change, During this phase some fraud people are visiting the business premises and saying they are GST officer and have came for inspection or so. As soon as this type of matter came in the knowledge of Ministry of Finance, by official Twitter handle some tweets were done so that shopkeepers / Traders / Firms may be avoided by the Harassment and fraud activity.

It is important for all Indian's to Know including Shopkeeper / Traders / Business firms. to avoid Harassment & Fraud by any one on the name of GST

Following points were Twitted on 08 July 2017 by Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

  • Its reported that some unscrupulous elements posing as GST officers have tried to fleece the shopkeepers & customers in the name of GST.
  • It has further clarified that no officer of the Deptt. is authorized to visit the premises of the traders &shopkeepers without authorization
  • In case of any difficulty, people concerned are requested to complain at Phone No. 011-23370115,Central Revenue Building,I.P. Estate,N.Delhi
With the above points it is very clear that now there will be less / No corruption as no officer concern with GST can visit for inspection or any other departmental issues without authorization. GST is totally online process so even Human interaction is not possible and all business firms can understand the benefit of this. 

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