Disadvantage & Advantage of GST Un - Registered Business?


Disadvantage & Advantage of GST Un - Registered Business?

If you have a Business and your Annual Turnover with mix of GST & Non GST Goods or services are below Rs.2000000/- (Except Special states where it is Rs.1000000/-) you don't require to have GST Registration.

There is always some Disadvantage and advantage of not being a GST registered firm / Business

Disadvantage of Un-registered Business

  1. You Can't give a bill to any of your customer
  2. You can't sell your product or service to GST registered firm / Person
  3. You can't sell your product / service outside the state
  4. You can't take any input tax on your purchase.
  5. You can't take GST input on Rent for your shop / office or any service or product you have spent for business needs like travelling, phone bills, etc.
  6. You can't do the B2B business with GST products / Services
  7. Yow will have to pay more amount for the items as compare to GST registered business. Click here for details
Advantage of Un-registered Business
  1. There is one and only advantage that you don't need to file GST returns.

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